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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Special Way I used Promotional Articles Made Traffic To My Very First Blog Swell Rapidly

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When I launched my very first blog, I would get really excited when just one soul visited after several days. I was very lucky to get three regulars (two nice young ladies and a gentleman - bless you wherever you are) very early on, who came calling almost daily. Actually my first site was a fiction blog which I updated daily - or at least I tried to.

Had it not been for those early visitors, I am certain that my fiction blog would never have been finished and my experiment with blogs would have ended prematurely. This article would never have been written. And I would not have grown to become as knowledgeable on traffic generation as I am today.

But that’s just the point - the early days of any business are so critical and if nothing happens chances are that it will get abandoned and that will be the end of it all.

The tricky part of it all is that when a blog or site has just been launched it isn’t so easy to generate traffic to it. Search engines have not indexed pages yet and if you are a novice, you really have no idea what you are doing.

I was lucky in that I started using articles shortly after my first three regulars came on the scene. The result was that my traffic swelled to such an extent that I have long finished writing this fictional blog but it still receives an amazing volume of traffic and contributes to my income from programs like Adsense. Lots of experiences later, I have still not found a better way to launch a new site and I doubt if anybody ever will. But there is a special way in which you need to use the articles to make them work for you (more on that later).

Why Promotional Articles Are Your Best Bet

Promotional articles have many advantages for a new blog or site. To start with they do double duty. Firstly they give you valuable content for your site and secondly they are capable of generating very targeted traffic to your site.

Then there are numerous advantages of using promotional articles for a new site. To start with it is free and utilizes something a new entrepreneur usually has plenty of as they launch their business - time. There are usually no clients yet to spend plenty of valuable time with sorting out problems and issues that have arisen. There is also no cash to account for or receivables to follow up on.

Articles are a good foundation that will continue to get you traffic for years to come. I recently landed a client who read an article I wrote and posted two years ago! Articles will remain online forever, in blogs, search engine rankings and article directories.

But the truth is that many have tried to use articles without much success. Actually if you just write and post articles without a special strategy to ensure that as many folks who read the articles as possible visit your site, then you are short-changing yourself. Chances are high that you will probably fail.

There is a special way to use articles so as to reap maximum benefit from each article you write. Here’s how

You Must Get People To Visit Your Site

Many articles have a serious problem in that when you read them, they are complete in themselves and therefore there is really no point in visiting the site.
Others do not have a resource box that is effective enough to get readers eager to visit their sites for more information.

Both articles fail miserably because they will hardly get you the traffic you require. The first skill you will need to acquire is that of compiling a resource box. Then you will need to use a certain system when writing and posting your articles. This idea is repsonible for a very huge chunk of my traffic.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Blogs Set To Make A Million Dollars For Man Who Casually Decided To Start "Playing" With Adsense

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Blogs can make you a fortune, we have always said that here. Now the proof has been posted by somebody else out there for all to see.

It is not clear why this blogger decided to go public about this, but nobody is doubting him as his well-know string of blogs contain lots of well-written great content and usually receives tons of traffic. Jason Calacanis recently dropped the bombshell and announced in his personal blog that he is on course to making one million dollars annually from Adsense on his blogs.

Well they say, a million bucks is a million bucks, because all the evidence has been there for sometime now that there are some folks out there making the sort of incomes most other people can only dream about from the Adsense affiliate program.

Mr Calacanis has quite a number of blogs, in fact in the blog entry where he makes this astounding revelation, he says that his Adsense revenue grew as his number of blogs increased.

He further reveals that he is always brimming with new ideas to try out in his online publishing business. Yes, that’s how he views his operations, an online publishing empire of blogs.

The Calacanis story further confirms how Adsense has managed to establish itself as a reliable advertising partner for online publishers. Perhaps the biggest advantage that Adsense brings is that a blogger or online publisher can concentrate on delivering quality content and really getting to know their audience without having to waste valuable time and expense going out to look for advertisers. Calacanis admits that when he started “playing” with Adsense in September 2004, he would never have imagined that it was possible to make a million dollars without a sales person.

That’s not all, this guy has other sources of income from his blogs, which is what he was thriving on long before he started “playing” with Adsense.

Read his amazing post for yourself at;

Thursday, January 19, 2006


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# Get an expert writer to launch your blog today at dirt cheap rates

# Blog Posts Linger On The Web Forever – What It Means To Your Profits

# Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

# Using Free Blogs To Generate Traffic And Cash In On The Power Of Referral Marketing

# How To Sell A Million Dollars Online Using Free Blogs Only-Pt 1

# What 'Miracle Blogs' Can Do For Your Business

# Corporate Blogging?

# Blogging: Free Internet Marketing Method

# 5 Ways To Boost Your Blog's Appeal & Content in 24 Hours

# Blogs Set To Make A Million Dollars For Man Who Casually Decided To Start "Playing" With Adsense

# Special Way I used Promotional Articles Made Traffic To My Very First Blog Swell Rapidly
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Get Blog Power Working For You

You too can get a really interesting article posted regularly at a high traffic blog or even at your very own blog created for you and maintained by an expert blogger. Not only will your "blog ad" linger on the web forever as the links to it continue to build up with the traffic to your site, but there will also be immediate benefits. One of the immediate benefits is that you will start receiving quality highly targeted regular free traffic to your website. Not to mention the fact that the links will steadily improve your search engine rankings (which means even more traffic for you).

Apart from generating highly targeted leads for you, blogs are also an excellent way to build opt-in email lists that will further add to your regular profits.

I offer a service where I make fascinating blog posts on my existing high traffic blogs or even create brand new blogs on behalf of clients.

My fees are very reasonable for this time-consuming professional service that requires lots of skill and talent. One of the reasons why my fees are so low and affordable is that the blogs carry my Adsense ads, which helps pay my costs. I can only serve a few clients take advantage of this unique offer NOW before I close my client list.

My Fees

· Get one super article written and posted every week to one of my blogs with a generous amount of links pointing to your site/blog.

a) I will post the same article to 9 high traffic article directories to generate even more traffic to your site.
b) Once you get started you can skip some months as you monitor the response and impact on your traffic and revenues.
c) You are free to re-post the articles to your site or elsewhere under a byline that we will agree on right from the start. It could be your own, but it must be consistent.
d) My fee for all this is only $120 @ month.

· Get your very own blog set up for you with one brilliant article written and posted to it weekly and with a generous amount of links pointing to your site/blog.

a) I will post the same article to 9 high traffic article directories to generate even more traffic to your blog and ultimately your site.
b) There will be Adsense ads on the site to help pay for my costs but you are free to send in any text ads at any time for placement within the blog posts.
c) You share the opt-in email list created from the blog with other clients but you will have one promotion every week through the opt-in email list.
d) Your blog will be fully maintained by me, comment moderation and posting etc.
e) My fee for all this is only $400 @ month.
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· Get your very own blog with two brilliant articles written and posted to it weekly and with a generous amount of links pointing to your site/blog.

a) I will post the same 2 articles to 9 high traffic article directories to generate even more traffic to your site.
b) There will be Adsense ads on the site to help pay for my costs but you are free to send in any text ads at any time for placement within the blog posts.
c) You share the opt-in email list created from the blog with other clients but you will have one promotion every week through the opt-in email list.
d) Your blog will be fully maintained by me, comment moderation and posting etc.
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b) No Adsense ads on the blog. (you are free to place your own if you want – but during the free trial period).
c) You have exclusive use of the opt-in email list created from the blog and you can carry out a promotion through the opt-in email list at any time.
d) Your blog will be fully maintained by me, comment moderation and posting etc.
e) My fee for all this is only $1600 @ month.
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How blog power works for you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Blog Posts Linger On The Web Forever – What It Means To Your Profits

PPC (Pay-per-click) ads are very effective. The only problem is that you have to pay to keep the ads running. The same is true with every form of promotion or advertising that you can think of. Even directories and websites that post other people’s articles periodically clean out older, less relevant content.

That’s the big difference between blog posts and other content on the net. Blog posts linger on the World Wide Web forever. This can be a huge disadvantage in that any scandal or negative story about your business will always be out there long after the issue has been resolved, settled and forgotten. But why worry about things you can’t change? Why dwell on the negative when you can cash in big on the positive?

You Can Earn Cash From A Single Blog Post For Years

For those of us who were direct marketers in the offline days, this really is a big thing. You make a single post, like the one I recently came across about the new Chitika eMiniMalls PPC (pay-per-click) ads making more money for some blogger than Adsense ads. There are already hundreds of sites linking to this particular post, meaning that it will continue to receive heavy traffic for a long time to come. On closer examination I realized that the blogger responsible for the post is really a smart cookie because the blog post is littered with his affiliate links to the Chitika eMiniMalls PPC program. Judging from the hits he’s received so far, he’s already made a handsome return on his affiliate program. But picture this; he will continue to do so from this single post for such a long time that this single revenue stream could easily outlive him.

Little wonder that some sites that were only recently starved of visitors have quickly built a blog or two pointing to their site and within a few short months have found themselves with a crowd-control problem on their website.

As In Life, The Older Your Blog Post, The More Links It Accumulates

The mystery behind the huge success of blogs is in one word – links. The power of this rapid linking on the blogosphere can best be illustrated when you post something really controversial. Like prison torture photographs or corporate secrets of a famous Fortune 500 company. Hundreds and maybe thousands of other blogs link to you in a flash and suddenly your blog has a huge audience and the sort of 7 digit traffic figures that ordinary sites take years of sweat and tears to build.

That’s the ideal situation. But we don’t all have controversial torture photographs from some prison. So what happens is that the process of linking and building up traffic is much slower for many ordinary blogs. Actually it is closer to the real-life situation. When a person gets their start in a certain career, it takes them years to build up useful contacts (the equivalent of links in the offline world).

That’s why it is an important advantage that blog posts remain for a long time. It means that over a certain period of time, you can be busy building up your links and within a relatively short period of time you could easily find that you have a huge online audience. And you will have achieved this from doing little else than ensuring that your posts are of good quality and then being just a little patient.

Say you had about 50 posts at your blog and over a period of three months or so, each of those posts accumulated about 50 links each (not a very difficult feat to achieve). You would end up with 2,500 links, which should give you very high traffic on a daily basis. Now remember that your posts will linger for ages on the net and all the time, you are still accumulating even more links and hopefully creating new posts all the time.

This explains the reason why blogs with a higher number of posts always tend to have much higher traffic than blogs with a lower amount of posts.

Now you are beginning to understand the real power of blogs and blogging.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Non-SEO Ways To Huge Traffic Using Blogs

If you have been looking for ways to increase traffic to your sites, you’ve probably heard the expression SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so many times by now that you are starting to get a little sick hearing about it. That are a lot of sick people out there because anybody with a web presence of any sort needs traffic.

So is there another way to generate loads of traffic without being involved in any SEO? Actually there is. And what’s more, this other method will give you much more targeted traffic.

Despite the fact that blogs are the ultimate SEO tool and weapon, the same blogs can be used for very effective non-SEO traffic generation. Actually there are quite a number of businesses doing very well generating tons of traffic using non-SEO methods.

Why Interest in Non-SEO Traffic Generation Is Growing

The SEO game has gotten extremely complicated even as the stakes have risen to dizzying heights. On one side of the divide we have search engines involved in an increasingly fierce contest for supremacy. To win this contest they have to ensure that their search results are as accurate and useful as possible to users.

On the opposite corner are millions of people with a web presence who want their sites to rank as high as possible at all costs so that they can receive the sort of traffic that will make them highly profitable or successful in whatever they are doing. Most do not really care how accurate or useful searches using search engines are. All that matters to them is high ranking and therefore high traffic at all costs. Thus they are constantly devising all sorts of methods to get their sites ranked highlky. Even as search engines are devising all sorts of methods to keep search engine results as accurate and useful as possible.

This collision course is the main cause of grief for many webmasters who frequently face a nightmare of colossal proportions. Imagine waking up in the morning and finding that all your traffic has been wiped out simply because some new rule introduced by a search engine knocked you clean off your high ranking perch, literally overnight. A position that cost you dearly both in terms of dollars and time spent working on your SEO.

Little wonder that more and more webmasters and site owners are embracing non-SEO traffic generation options. Actually a vast majority is combining both SEO and non-SEO methods to limit the chances of having all their valuable targeted traffic wiped out overnight.

Non SEO Blog Magic

There are actually several non-SEO ways a blog can generate tons of regular traffic for you. However the most effective is related to the use of opt-in email lists.

An opt-in email list is an email list created from visitors to a site who ask to receive regular emails and updates on a particular subject that is close to their hearts but also closely related to the site. An opt-in email list is more valuable than gold. It is a list of targeted visitors to your site, prepared to receive regular email from you telling them about new developments at the site, so that they can re-visit often. You can also tell them about products and services related to their interests. There are people who earn a pretty good living doing just this. They usually end up selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product from a single simple email to a list of a few thousand.

A blog is one of the most effective ways of creating an opt-in email list quickly. One of the reasons for this is that blogs usually receive lots of visitors. Obviously not all visitors will sign up to be on your opt-in email list, but the more visitors you receive, the quicker you’ll be able to build your opt-in email list, even if just a tiny fraction end up on your opt-in email list. An opt-in email list is many times more effective in generating tons of regular traffic, including regular repeat visits than SEO is. No search engine ranking can compete with opt-in email lists. To start with lists will usually be a lot more targeted than the masses of traffic received from search engines. So how do you create an opt-in email list quickly and how do you use it to generate traffic?

Before we look into ways of quickly building a huge opt-in email list, let us be sure that we fully understand and appreciate how this particular tool can be used to generate tons of regular traffic.

How To Generate Traffic Using Opt-in Email Lists

Here are several ideas on how to use your opt-in email list to generate traffic to your site.

a) Announce new content. Your opt-in email list consists of people who were interested enough by your site, to actually visit it. Getting them to visit again is easy and this is the reason why the simple idea of informing your list of new content that has been posted at you site is usually very effective in attracting traffic.
b) Special promotions/offers. This list is an ideal way to announce special promotions and offers. All you have to do is make sure they revolve around lots of visits to your site.
c) Special features and articles with the final part published at your site. Sending out valuable special features and articles to you list and asking them to read the final part or the complete article at your site, is yet another effective method used to drive traffic to a site.
d) Your Ezine should be littered with interesting links that lead back to your site. Usually most people sign up in an opt-in email list to receive an ezine with some useful information they need. By ensuring that every issue of your ezine that goes out to your list is packed with interesting links pointing to your site, you will almost automatically generate lots of traffic – even from non-subscribers because emails tend to get forwarded a lot.

How to quickly build a huge opt-in email list using blogs

Here’s how to quickly build up your opt-in email list;

a) Offer an interesting ezine or email newsletter. The more interesting and attractive the ezine you offer to harvest email addresses, the more quickly you’ll be able to build up your list.
b) Offer special gifts for referrals. Doing this will get you referrals to your ezine and you’ll be able to build your list very quickly as a result.
c) Offer Special gifts for people who put your ezine on their email signatures. You can offer your readers a special incentive to put a link to your ezine ordering page on their email signatures. This should greatly help in getting the word out faster.
d) Really hot tips should be found only in your ezine. Naturally this encourages a lot more people to sign up.
e) Distribute articles to ezine lists. Subscribers to other ezines are much more likely to subscribe your ezine too and end up on your opt-in email list. Ezine announcement lists are numerous and can easily be found with the help of your favorite search engine.


Building up email lists using blogs is a powerful way of ensuring that you are able to constantly generate quality traffic for your site at no cost. Despite the numerous problems caused by SPAM and other email scams, email is still the most powerful marketing tool online and is capable of generating huge volumes of targeted traffic for any webmaster or site owner.

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Monday, January 16, 2006


Using Free Blogs To Generate Traffic And Cash In On The Power Of Referral Marketing

Try and jog your memory a little to discover and appreciate this major Internet secret for blog success. Think back to the last great movie you saw or book you read. How did you end up seeing the movie or purchasing the book? Did you respond best to the ads or did you make your move because of the recommendations you got from others who had seen the movie or read the book?

Or alternatively, what would you trust, an advertisement or a recommendation, even if it is from a stranger?

The answer is rather obvious and it tells you why sites like have been such a huge success. Folks mostly buy books at the recommendation of others that seemingly have the same taste and inclinations as they do.

Our little experiment also tells you why PR is always so much more effective than advertising. A small favorable mention in a newspaper article or on the TV news show is often much more valuable and effective than dozens of expensive advertisements placed in the media.

It also tells you why affiliate programs have rapidly grown online into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. It’s much easier for me to refer you to another site or product than it is for me to try and sell you my own products and services.

Imagine the sort of power and effectiveness that you can harness from having other blogs out there commenting on your product or service? Actually quite a number of leading online businesses are already cashing in big on this little secret that should actually not be a secret at all. Have you heard of folks talking about leading entrepreneurs seeking out bloggers to blog about them and their businesses? It is quite common these days and some of the names being associated with this practice are big online names like Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

So what do the big boys know that the rest of us are slow to grasp? One obvious answer is the power of blogs and especially the power of recommendations and referrals from other people’s blogs.

You can go one step further and have a valuable article giving out useful tips on a hot subject that relates to the site that you want to refer people to. The advantage with this sort of article is that it is bound to get a much wider readership which means that at the end of the day, it will end up registering many more referrals to the targeted site. There are however a few secrets to making referrals effective which you should acknowledge.

Why Most Referrals Fail

For articles in blogs to generate serious referral numbers, they must address a problem whose solution is found in the site or sites the blog recommends. The more serious and pressing the problem is the better. Many articles fail to refer people to sites because they give virtually complete solutions. Or they give so much onformation that readers can figure out the rest of the solution for themselves without having to visit the site they have been referred toi.

Remember that people do not enjoy visiting sites. In fact they would rather not.

The Most Effective Blog Strategy
Probably the most effective strategy is to deal with a different popular topic that is related to the site you would like the blog to refer your visitors to. The topic should be able to draw as wide a readership as possible. For instance a blog can deal with over-weight movie stars and then refer readers to weigh loss programs (sorry, this idea is already taken, the objective in mentioning it here is to help nudge you in the right direction to generate your own effective blog ideas.)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


How To Sell A Million Dollars Online Using Free Blogs Only-Pt 1

Considering what Blogs are continuing to do for many online entrepreneurs – and especially the prosperity they have brought, it is nor surprising that the popularity of blogs continues to skyrocket by the day.

The problem is that most people have not fully woken up to the facts and despite the fact that blogs are familiar to many, they hardly realize half their potential or what they can do for them and their online businesses.

The truth is that a free blog can easily help you generate a million dollars within a short period of time.

To start with most folks still hold on to the fact that a free site cannot do much for anybody. The thinking that has prevailed, which sounds reasonable enough is that a free site is not able to portray a good enough image to attract serious bucks and serious sales. This thinking is not only outdated but also seriously flawed. To start with blogs are best used as referral tools. The job a blog does best is to refer traffic to a site, with a fully registered domain name and hosted by a reliable web host where the transaction or sale will actually take place. Secondly blogs have a super new image as places where you can get such useful valuable free information that the fact that a blog is using a free host has increasingly become irrelevant.

I know people who not only make a good living from free blogs but are well on their way to clocking that magic figure of a million dollars in sales generated with the help of their free blogs. But don’t take my word for it, just go to your favorite search engine and do a search, any search and see how many free blogs appear at the top of your list of search results. If you used popular search terms then this could mean hundreds of thousands of visitors every week for many blogs. That’s blog power for you, that’s free blog power for you.

The purpose of this article is to give you a plan of how to generate a million dollars online using only free blogs. So let’s get on with it.

To Generate Serious Cash, Image is Critical
He real reason why sites like took off in a hurry and raked in such obscene amounts of cash, so quickly, can be traced back to their image-building early on.

In real life the quickest way a person gains a reputation is from what others have to say about them. Human nature does not suddenly change on the web, if anything it is greatly enhanced and magnified.

In the case of Amazon, the fact that hundreds and thousands of people started writing their personal reviews of books available at did one key image-building job. It portrayed the site as an extremely popular and therefore useful site to head to.

Many smart online entrepreneurs have used blogs to do exactly the same thing for their sites. While everybody has been busy trying to quickly build massive links to their blogs and sites, smart entrepreneurs with exactly the same objective in mind, have started the whole exercise in a different way. The idea is to start off trying to trigger comments on your blog or site. It is unlikely that somebody will say something about your site without creating a link to it – at the very least, they will mention it’s address.

One of the effective methods that many businesses large and small are using is that of paying writers and bloggers to write content that mentions their sites. Apart from this creating valuable genuine links pointing to their site, done properly it can easily trigger off a massive number of comments (and links) to the client site. Getting writers to create blogs and mention and comment on your business favorably is not as expensive an undertaking as you may think.

How To Trigger Continuos Comments/Links
There are a number of things you can do to try and trigger off continuous comments about your site through a blog where you have hired a writer to make favorable and useful comments about your business.

(i) "Controversy sells," still holds true online
This can also mean commenting on a controversial subject related to a client product or service. Clients will always get jittery about this, but it is not what you say, but how you say it that is important.

(ii) Build an opt-in email list
You must find a way to harvest email addresses of some of the visitors to your site. This means that you can send out promotions and reminders to your list that will get them visiting your site again and again. You can also do promotions that will generate lots of comments for you and your site.

(iii) Create content that will keep them interested
Useful, well-written content will help – a lot. People on the web are looking to solve problems and they will talk and comment a lot about you, if your information helps them.

(iv) Post your blog articles at leading article directories
By posting some of your well-written blog content to leading article directories, you will increase traffic to your blog and at the same time greatly increase the chances of others finding your article and re-posting it at their sites complete with your resource box intact. In other words comments on the blog’s client will multiply virally.

(v) Distribute your blog articles through safe lists
You can also distribute your articles through safe lists that you can easily join at sites like yahoo groups.

Using free blogs to trigger off comments and mentions of your site by others all over the net is a powerful strategy to help you generate a million dollars in sales for your product or service.

Look out for Part II of this article where we discuss this fascinating topic further.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


What 'Miracle Blogs' Can Do For Your Business

"Blogs will change your business," screamed a BusinessWeek magazine cover story headline a few months ago. In what has to be the most detailed and yet entertaining coverage of this subject in recent times, this fascinating BusinessWeek article went on to threaten; "Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up… or catch you later."

Developments on the World Wide Web since that memorable BusinessWeek article appeared have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that this was no idle threat. More and more businesses of all sizes are hiring writers to blog on their behalf. Enterprises everywhere are taking blogs very seriously. And what’s more many of them have the results to show for their efforts and a hefty return for the resources invested to blogs and blogging.

So what is it about blogs and blogging that these corporations as well as small businesses know that the rest of us don’t seem to be able to see yet?

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool In History

Blogs are the most powerful marketing tool ever invented. What other marketing device in history has been able to carry out so many functions with such precision? Instant research, lead generation, image building, to name a few. And to do all this at virtually no cost. It probably sounds too good to be true that something that costs next to nothing has the potential to generate millions of hits in targeted traffic and ultimately millions of dollars in corporate profits. Only that it is happening all the time.

The Power of Blogs As Image Building Tools

The true value of a brand or business is its’ image. Image will allow one business to charge an obscenely high price with a hefty mark-up while another venture in the same industry struggles to get clients to pay a few dollars for the same service or product. No enterprise with a poor image will survive for long.

In the increasingly crowded marketplace, blogs are emerging as extremely effective Public Relations and image building tools. A new generation of spin-doctors is learning how to use blogs to create the image and position their client products and services in the minds of prospects and potential customers.

Your image-building strategy can be as simple as getting a writer to set up a blog that talks favorably about your product even as it passes on useful, practical information to prospects.

Nowhere Else Can You Generate Such Highly Targeted Leads

Where else can you generate such highly targeted leads in such high numbers? And what’s more, you can do this in the very same blog even as you pursue your image creation and building strategy.

Handled properly, a blog can quickly pick up traffic from virtually zero to hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis. Valuable opt-in email lists can be created from this traffic to ensure a constant regular flow of repeat visits, sales and profits.

Blogs Are The New Media And You Ignore The Media At Your Own Risk

The BusinessWeek piece quoted at the beginning of this article dwells at length on blogs as the new media that is set to replace the mainstream media as we know it. Already the net has had a devastating effect on newspapers and the print media in general with some predicting the total extinction of newspapers as we know them today, in just a few years.

While some of these predictions may be open to debate and others may sound a little radical, there is no doubt that blogs are an important, emerging new medium for mass communication. No entrepreneur can avoid to ignore the media and that is one of the reasons why you cannot afford to ignore blogs or take them lightly.


Blog power

A well-written blog can help any business build a powerful image for powerful profits. The same blog will generate highly targeted leads for you and help build a huge opt-in email list that will guarantee you high sales and enormous profits for years to come. Contact a writer who believes so much in blogs that he is willing to build one for your business on a free 2 week trial (you don’t pay a penny, for anything!!), absolutely no obligations, so that you get a chance to experience blog power first hand and what it can do for your business. Email him now at ckyalo at Limited opportunities available.

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Corporate Blogging?

We are already starting to see amazing corporate success stories from blogging. This is where blogs are used to market a serious business and to achieve millions of dollars in sales. Little has been written on this subject so far (who wants to let the bag out of the cat this early? Better to quietly mine all the profits you can before word finally gets out... because it will, eventually.)

Even Bill Gates has been actively seeking out writers to blog for him. (tells you something doesn't it.)

Still I found the following article on corporate blogging interesting. Too short though, but still extremely educative for newbies in this increasingly high stakes new frontier on the web. Use the link below to get to the article. ENJOY.

Corporate Blog Basics

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Blogging: Free Internet Marketing Method

by Mohd Sufian

It's been years since blogging has been practiced. But it's just recently that it has been considered as one of the addicting fads. Many teenagers have resorted to blogging as an outlet for their emotions, a little online nook where they can blurt out whatever just bugs them or whatever makes them feel elated. Savvy marketers have discovered that blogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won't cost you a cent.

What exactly is blogging? Blog is the widely used term that refers to web log. Basically, a blog is an online journal. A blog could be set up to no cost at all, and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging for your Internet business is one surefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services. Here are a few ways to boost your internet advertising with the help of a blog:

1. Make your clients or customers abreast on your website's alterations. Your new products and affiliate websites could also be announced through your blog.

2. Keep track of your business objectives and plans through open writing. Your blog content can be easily stored through archives. What could be better than searchable information that could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right?

3. Air your opinions, advice or reviews on specific services or products that are related to your business. Publishing is a very easy process with blogging.

4. Include links that will fetch back links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines. This could be better executed through putting well-written articles in your website. Affiliate links could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.

5. Collect response through the ability of blogs to fetch comments from your blog readers. You can learn and improve your products and services through with the feedback from your readers.

6. Connect easily with other bloggers. When other bloggers notice that you have something good in your blog, they will put you in their favorite lists that will automatically link you to their blogs.

So, how do you set up a blog? Here are some of the options you can make use of to take advantage of this fun way to advertise your Internet business.

Either you load a blogging software or let a blogging hosting service do it for you. Host services such as LiveJournal and are the most popular in this field. Those hosts will provide you with easy instructions on how to put up your blog.

About the Author
Mohd Sufian publishes Home Business Tips, A fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If your're looking for the *best rated home business opportunities, the latest time saving tools and helpful support from an honest friend in the business, come by and grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at:


Blog power

A well-written blog can help any business build a powerful image for powerful profits. The same blog will generate highly targeted leads for you and help build a huge opt-in email list that will guarantee you high sales and enormous profits for years to come. Contact a writer who believes so much in blogs that he is willing to build one for your business on a free 2 week trial (you don’t pay a penny, for anything!!), absolutely no obligations, so that you get a chance to experience blog power first hand and what it can do for your business. Email him now at ckyalo at Limited opportunities available.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Blog's Appeal & Content in 24 Hours

by Carole Nickerson

Still only squeaking out 2-3 posts per day? Are you bored even by your own ideas? While a natural writing ability and creative style go a long way, it can be tough keeping up with the demand, especially when you're just starting out and want to fill up your blog quickly. Here's how you can boost your blog posts starting today!

You have a passion, you have a blog. But you're stumped. You have some ideas for things you want to write about, but you either can't find a way to get started, can't stay focused, or the task of keeping your blog fresh with daily posts makes your carpal tunnel suddenly flare up, giving you a good excuse to just "take it easy today".

Now. you've likely heard of real hotbloggers who run 10, 20 or more posts every day. I've seen many people complain they can barely get out 2 posts a day, which honestly, is like a snail running uphill. It can be overwhelming, discouraging, and one of the main reasons why people give up - because they can't keep up.

So how do you add more appeal to your blog and increase postings? Here are some ideas....

1. Have Fresh Daily Topics & Ideas Sent To You This is easiest way to start finding fresh new ideas to write about. Go to Google Alerts and sign up to have the latest news and websites on your favorite topics sent right to your inbox. I'm not saying copy every word verbatim, I'm saying this gives you an opportunity to bring fresh topics to your blog which you can put your own spin on.

2. Add Interesting "Quickie" Categories & Posts Not every post has to be long and informative. Some of your most valuable posts can be the ones that consist of just a few simple paragraphs. These little hot spots have great appeal because they are quick to read, offer simple solutions or insights and can break up long days for both you and your visitors. Some ideas for new categories include: Word of the day, Book of the day, Site of the day, Freeware of the day, Gossip of the day, and Tip of the Day. Do some brainstorming around your blog's theme and see how many ideas you can come up with.

3. Create a Debate Everybody's got an opinion, so if you can create a debate on a hot topic, then you're going to have a lot of people commenting & reading. And because of human nature, these people will come back just to see who has commented on their comments. How do you start a debate? Again, Google Alerts can give you some ideas as well as keeping up with forum posts which are probably the best source. When reading articles, forum posts and news - look for the "conflict" factor, such as "MSN vs. Google - Who Will Be The Ultimate Winner?" or something fun like "Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard - Who Would Have Dinner With?". The trick is to create a fresh spin on debates that aren't covered everywhere else. They can be serious or just for fun. Don't forget to add your own opinion to get the ball rolling and ask people for their opinions. If it works out well, you might even want to create a new category for these posts.

4. Write Reviews - Even When You Haven't Tested A Product Reviews are extremely valuable and great opportunities for linking to affiliate programs. But what do you do if you don't have the money to buy all the products you want to use and review? Simple. Post "review summaries". A review summary is simply an overview of other people's reviews. Amazon is a good example to use here, but unlike an Amazon feed, this is more personalized and compact. Post an image, description, and an overall rating of the product based on customer reviews and votes, followed by a review summary. Here's an example: "Based on 39 reviews on 'Supplement X' from, the average rating was 14 out 18. The majority of people reported incredible results, with only a handful stating it didn't work. This appears to be one of the best supplements on the market compared with others." Review summaries give you the advantage of posting affiliate products on your website without looking like your just dishing out another product feed. I personally have used this method with a number of products and gotten very good results.

5. Catchy, Clever & Shocking Headlines! Posts are only as exciting as you make them. Nobody's gonna read your posts unless you trigger their emotions or interest with a clever title to get them clicking. While some titles are essentially informational in nature (i.e. how to bath a hairless cat), there is plenty of room for titles which get attention through strong emotion, exaggeration, riddle, rhyme or shock appeal. This is where developing a creative edge is essential. The idea is to hit the audience when they least expect it. This tactic should be used in moderation because your blog could start to look like a nuthouse and new visitors might get lost looking for basic information and general "how to" stuff. As with every good feast, adding a little spice here and there on occasion brings the flavour out.

Now get writing!

About the Author
Carole Nickerson has been a web developer and internet marketer since 1998. She now spends her days actively filling up her new blog with all she has learned. To find more articles like this, or post a comment, visit:
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