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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


How To Sell A Million Dollars Online Using Free Blogs Only-Pt 1

Considering what Blogs are continuing to do for many online entrepreneurs – and especially the prosperity they have brought, it is nor surprising that the popularity of blogs continues to skyrocket by the day.

The problem is that most people have not fully woken up to the facts and despite the fact that blogs are familiar to many, they hardly realize half their potential or what they can do for them and their online businesses.

The truth is that a free blog can easily help you generate a million dollars within a short period of time.

To start with most folks still hold on to the fact that a free site cannot do much for anybody. The thinking that has prevailed, which sounds reasonable enough is that a free site is not able to portray a good enough image to attract serious bucks and serious sales. This thinking is not only outdated but also seriously flawed. To start with blogs are best used as referral tools. The job a blog does best is to refer traffic to a site, with a fully registered domain name and hosted by a reliable web host where the transaction or sale will actually take place. Secondly blogs have a super new image as places where you can get such useful valuable free information that the fact that a blog is using a free host has increasingly become irrelevant.

I know people who not only make a good living from free blogs but are well on their way to clocking that magic figure of a million dollars in sales generated with the help of their free blogs. But don’t take my word for it, just go to your favorite search engine and do a search, any search and see how many free blogs appear at the top of your list of search results. If you used popular search terms then this could mean hundreds of thousands of visitors every week for many blogs. That’s blog power for you, that’s free blog power for you.

The purpose of this article is to give you a plan of how to generate a million dollars online using only free blogs. So let’s get on with it.

To Generate Serious Cash, Image is Critical
He real reason why sites like took off in a hurry and raked in such obscene amounts of cash, so quickly, can be traced back to their image-building early on.

In real life the quickest way a person gains a reputation is from what others have to say about them. Human nature does not suddenly change on the web, if anything it is greatly enhanced and magnified.

In the case of Amazon, the fact that hundreds and thousands of people started writing their personal reviews of books available at did one key image-building job. It portrayed the site as an extremely popular and therefore useful site to head to.

Many smart online entrepreneurs have used blogs to do exactly the same thing for their sites. While everybody has been busy trying to quickly build massive links to their blogs and sites, smart entrepreneurs with exactly the same objective in mind, have started the whole exercise in a different way. The idea is to start off trying to trigger comments on your blog or site. It is unlikely that somebody will say something about your site without creating a link to it – at the very least, they will mention it’s address.

One of the effective methods that many businesses large and small are using is that of paying writers and bloggers to write content that mentions their sites. Apart from this creating valuable genuine links pointing to their site, done properly it can easily trigger off a massive number of comments (and links) to the client site. Getting writers to create blogs and mention and comment on your business favorably is not as expensive an undertaking as you may think.

How To Trigger Continuos Comments/Links
There are a number of things you can do to try and trigger off continuous comments about your site through a blog where you have hired a writer to make favorable and useful comments about your business.

(i) "Controversy sells," still holds true online
This can also mean commenting on a controversial subject related to a client product or service. Clients will always get jittery about this, but it is not what you say, but how you say it that is important.

(ii) Build an opt-in email list
You must find a way to harvest email addresses of some of the visitors to your site. This means that you can send out promotions and reminders to your list that will get them visiting your site again and again. You can also do promotions that will generate lots of comments for you and your site.

(iii) Create content that will keep them interested
Useful, well-written content will help – a lot. People on the web are looking to solve problems and they will talk and comment a lot about you, if your information helps them.

(iv) Post your blog articles at leading article directories
By posting some of your well-written blog content to leading article directories, you will increase traffic to your blog and at the same time greatly increase the chances of others finding your article and re-posting it at their sites complete with your resource box intact. In other words comments on the blog’s client will multiply virally.

(v) Distribute your blog articles through safe lists
You can also distribute your articles through safe lists that you can easily join at sites like yahoo groups.

Using free blogs to trigger off comments and mentions of your site by others all over the net is a powerful strategy to help you generate a million dollars in sales for your product or service.

Look out for Part II of this article where we discuss this fascinating topic further.

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