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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Expert Will Create A Moneymaking Blog For You Today

There is no denying the power of blogs. Blogs have changed the lives of many people and even as you read this, continue to revolutionize the lives of many more. Here are some of the ways a blog can change your life today;

(i) If you already have a web site that hardly receives traffic you can change that by using a blog to direct highly targeted traffic to your web site.

(ii) If you do not have a web site, you can ensure that from now on your current customers plus numerous other new ones from all over the world can easily find you through your blog.

(iii) You can earn cash from your blog, imagine checks arriving every month in the post for you. I show you 2 powerful ways to do this, no work required you just register and follow simple instructions and it will be all set up for you. I will assist you with any difficulties you may have. I will also guide you to many other cash-earning programs, albeit not as easy to earn from as the two I have mentioned, but with time can be equally lucrative for you.

(iv) Blogs that are properly set up and search engine optimized will easily be found by people searching with the help of popular search engines like Google. That means a lot of free regular traffic for you. Imagine a blog set up for you by an expert with many years experience?

(v) Your blog will be regularly updated for you by the same expert thus growing the income you will be earning from the blog as well as the targeted traffic arriving at your blog daily.

All this can be yours to enjoy today. Usually I charge $99 to set up search engine optimized blogs for clients. This includes keyword research and the complete setting up of the blog with search engine optimized posts as well as articles in leading article directories pointing at the sites as well as dozens of links. I will also refer you to a very lucrative affiliate program that usually only considers well-established high traffic sites, but will waive this requirement if I refer you. This program alongside the popular Adsense program from Google will help you generate revenue from your blog immediately. I use the same programs and I can't begin to describe the joy I get receiving checks every month through the post for doing nothing but occasionally updating my blogs.

Strictly for a short time only, I am giving new clients 50 per cent off my usual fees that means you can get your cash and traffic generating blog set up for you today for only $49.90. This offer expires in the next few days, as soon as I've been able to get a set number of new clients, so please act now to avoid disappointment.

Remember as part of this service, I will show you how to recover your initial investment over time using specific online affiliate programs that will send you a check anywhere in the world. Done correctly, you could end up earning a good regular income from your blog. There are people who earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly from just one of the 2 programs I will introduce you to.

All you need to do now is send the funds via Paypal to the email address strongwallafrica(at) Where Paypal is unavailable like in most of Africa, email me at strongwallafrica(at) for alternatives. Clients in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania can pay using their local currencies. For instance Kenyans will only need to pay Kenya shillings 2,990 to have a blog set up for them and Tanzanians will require only Tanzanian shillings 59,800. Please email me now for details.

Drop me a line now and share what’s on your mind; strongwallafrica(at)

N.B. Kindly note that I DO NOT handle blogs or sites dealing with explicit subjects like adult content, and neither do I handle the occult or astrology. If in doubt please check with me first.

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