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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Man's Fascination With Gold

Man has always been greatly fascinated by gold and it's alluring beauty and seemingly hypnotic powers on the human race.

The name for gold in America is Monex Precious Metals, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving the precious metals investment needs of clients. For well over 30 years Monex has established a name for itself as a leading precious metals dealer I the nation.

Gold is usually available in both coin and ingot form. Ingots are generally gold ingots of pure bullion cast in a certain size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots.


Blogs in History

There is no doubt that blogs have already long won their place in history. These online journals, at least that is how they started off, have become one of the most important mass market mediums ever invented and have turned the world of publishing and media upside down forever. Yet the amazing thing is that they started off innocently enough.


Avid Newspaper Readers Have become Hungry Readers Of Blogs

Gradually but deliberately and firmly, newspaper readers are being turned into blog readers. Blogs have many attractive interests over newspapers. To name two, comments at the end of the post will instantly tell the reader the public reaction over the story in question. Then there is the fact that research and looking up background over something that you don't quite understand or would like to know more about, is so easy online.

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