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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Blog Posts Linger On The Web Forever – What It Means To Your Profits

PPC (Pay-per-click) ads are very effective. The only problem is that you have to pay to keep the ads running. The same is true with every form of promotion or advertising that you can think of. Even directories and websites that post other people’s articles periodically clean out older, less relevant content.

That’s the big difference between blog posts and other content on the net. Blog posts linger on the World Wide Web forever. This can be a huge disadvantage in that any scandal or negative story about your business will always be out there long after the issue has been resolved, settled and forgotten. But why worry about things you can’t change? Why dwell on the negative when you can cash in big on the positive?

You Can Earn Cash From A Single Blog Post For Years

For those of us who were direct marketers in the offline days, this really is a big thing. You make a single post, like the one I recently came across about the new Chitika eMiniMalls PPC (pay-per-click) ads making more money for some blogger than Adsense ads. There are already hundreds of sites linking to this particular post, meaning that it will continue to receive heavy traffic for a long time to come. On closer examination I realized that the blogger responsible for the post is really a smart cookie because the blog post is littered with his affiliate links to the Chitika eMiniMalls PPC program. Judging from the hits he’s received so far, he’s already made a handsome return on his affiliate program. But picture this; he will continue to do so from this single post for such a long time that this single revenue stream could easily outlive him.

Little wonder that some sites that were only recently starved of visitors have quickly built a blog or two pointing to their site and within a few short months have found themselves with a crowd-control problem on their website.

As In Life, The Older Your Blog Post, The More Links It Accumulates

The mystery behind the huge success of blogs is in one word – links. The power of this rapid linking on the blogosphere can best be illustrated when you post something really controversial. Like prison torture photographs or corporate secrets of a famous Fortune 500 company. Hundreds and maybe thousands of other blogs link to you in a flash and suddenly your blog has a huge audience and the sort of 7 digit traffic figures that ordinary sites take years of sweat and tears to build.

That’s the ideal situation. But we don’t all have controversial torture photographs from some prison. So what happens is that the process of linking and building up traffic is much slower for many ordinary blogs. Actually it is closer to the real-life situation. When a person gets their start in a certain career, it takes them years to build up useful contacts (the equivalent of links in the offline world).

That’s why it is an important advantage that blog posts remain for a long time. It means that over a certain period of time, you can be busy building up your links and within a relatively short period of time you could easily find that you have a huge online audience. And you will have achieved this from doing little else than ensuring that your posts are of good quality and then being just a little patient.

Say you had about 50 posts at your blog and over a period of three months or so, each of those posts accumulated about 50 links each (not a very difficult feat to achieve). You would end up with 2,500 links, which should give you very high traffic on a daily basis. Now remember that your posts will linger for ages on the net and all the time, you are still accumulating even more links and hopefully creating new posts all the time.

This explains the reason why blogs with a higher number of posts always tend to have much higher traffic than blogs with a lower amount of posts.

Now you are beginning to understand the real power of blogs and blogging.

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