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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Perfect Work At Home Business Opportunity: Word Power Will Determine Everything

In building up the perfect work at home business opportunity for you, it is critical that you realize that words matter a lot more online than they do in hard copy offline publications.

In an offline publication there is the luxury of being able to leaf idly through the pages. A photograph or nice layout may catch your eye and cause you to pause to read an article. The situation online with your perfect work at home business opportunity site is very different. Readers make up their minds on where to go and which pages to visit, based purely on the strength of the headline leading to that page. The result is that an excellent article with a poor headline will hardly get read.

There is yet another way in which words matter a lot more in cyberspace. This one has to do with keyword phrases. Carefully selected keyword phrases that are not too competitive can get you and your perfect work at home business opportunity site plenty of valuable traffic via search engines. Let us assume that each keyword article that you do gets you about 50 hits a day. Doing only 20 articles will give you and your perfect work at home business opportunity blog or site 1,000 hits daily.

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