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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


High Traffic SEO Articles: Post Them At One Site And Get Thousands Of Targeted Hits Daily

You can get brief SEO keyword rich articles of a mere 200 words or so churned out for you and posted at a single high traffic articles directory and you will instantly end up with hundreds and ultimately thousands of targeted hits at your site.

This is the same technique that has been employed which has enabled you find this article that you are reading right at this moment and it is so powerful that you may not need to use any other SEO technique for generating high targeted traffic to your blog or site.

Here are the powerful advantages of this simple practical technique that works like a dream for most web blogs and web sites.

a) Tests that I have personally done have clearly proven that it is better to post articles at this single particular articles directory site only as opposed to posting to 100 other leading articles directory sites. In several tests, I got more traffic from the same article posted at this single articles directory than from the same articles posted in 100 other articles directory (many of them very well known). So you can guess what I did. I stopped wasting my time making so many posts. These days I post at only this site and leave at that. The results speak for themselves.
b) It seems to me that the high traffic this articles directory site receives daily and the RSS feeds they use to a wide subscriber base puts them heads and shoulders above the rest. This ensures that articles posted at this site with a well written resource box at the bottom having a maximum of two links pointing to your sites is money in the bank because of the high targeted traffic that results.
c) In the medium to long term period posting articles at this site also results in traffic from leading search engines. Usually a keyword article posted at this articles directory will end up much higher in search engine rankings than if I were to post the article at my own site or blog. The result is that many visitors end up at the article directory page where your article is and a large number of them also end up clicking through to your site.
d) The high traffic and readership at this site also results in something else. Some wonderful folks end up re-posting some of the keyword rich articles at their blogs and web sites, complete with the links intact at the bottom of the articles. In one good day recently I had over 50 one way links created in a few hours that were pointing straight at my site. Everybody knows just how desirable one way links are and how webmasters and bloggers usually have to sweat blood and tears to get half this number of one way links in a month. In other words even without the benefit of immediate traffic and long term traffic created by the articles, the rapid building up of numerous one way links alone is reason enough justification to use this technique.
e) After experimenting with many different SEO high traffic techniques and methods, I've settled on this one as the most effective for generating a constant flow of targeted valuable traffic to my blogs and sites. Traffic has increased tremendously and so has revenue both from Adsense and from new clients purchasing my services and products.

You too can enjoy this powerful method of generating highly targeted traffic to your site, not only almost immediately the article is posted but for a long time after that. Traffic for many years will continue to come as leading search engines index the page at the site with your article on it, and as it ends up in a high ranking courtesy of this site. Watch your traffic steadily climb up as more and more keyword rich articles are generated for you.

In deliberately left the most wonderful news for last. And that is the fact that you can hire this very experienced blogger and writer and his team of well trained writers to write the articles for you and post them at this magical, leading high traffic articles directory. What's more the rates are unbelievably dirt-cheap low.

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