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Friday, June 02, 2006


Best Work At Home Business Opportunity: Generating Cash From Your Blog Using Very Low Traffic

If one is able to generate lots of cash from a low traffic blog then it has to be the best work at home business opportunity anywhere. This is because blogs are easy to launch and operate. So how does somebody generate cash from a low traffic blog?

Your Best Work At Home Business Opportunity Blog Traffic Has To Be As Targeted As Possible
To make money from low traffic it is absolutely critical that the traffic that arrives at your blog is as targeted as possible. Traffic that is not targeted will just not work for any of the low traffic revenue generating methods. There are really no two ways about this, your blog will never work as the best work at home business opportunity money generator if your audience is not laser targeted.

Adsense Is The Best Work At Home Business Opportunity Way To Generate Cash From A Low Traffic Blog
The Adsense program is the easiest way and the best work at home business opportunity to generate lots of revenue from a low traffic blog. If your traffic is laser targeted then all you need to do is look for the highest paying keyword phrases that will pay out the highest possible amount every time somebody clicks on the Adsense ad in your blog. Some clicks can pay out $50 or even higher and while it may not be possible to attract those kinds of clicks immediately, you can go for $3 and even $5 clicks.

Take this typical example where a blog gets about 100 clicks a month. You can be able to get this from an average of about 50 page views a day. If the average Adsense payout per click is about 10 cts then you will only earn $10. But if your average is say $5, (meaning that you get some $10, $15 as well as $3 clicks and lower) then your monthly income from the Adsense program will be $500. Increase your traffic three-fold by using keyword articles and we'll be talking about $1,500 a month, which is not a bad start even as you look into other best work at home business opportunity low traffic revenue generating ideas for blogs.

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