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Friday, June 02, 2006


Top Work At Home Business Opportunity: Offer A Service And Generate Serious Money From A Low Traffic Blog

Promoting and selling a service through your top work at home business opportunity blog is one of the best and most effective ways of generating serious money from a low traffic blog.

For instance I have sold writing services very successfully for a long time using low traffic blogs. The magic here is that to sell a service and especially a unique service, you do not require as many hits as you do to sell an affiliate product for example. On average many affiliate sites require you to generate 500 hits to sell a single unit of their products. But selling a service through a top work at home business opportunity blog may require less than 100 hits. Meaning that with 50 unique visitors a day, you will be able to comfortably sell to one new client every two days.

Your service will of course have to be very closely related to the subject matter that your blog is covering. The service could even be an online course to pass on some vital skills to the visitors to your site.

Whatever service you choose to provide, it is bound to be the top work at home business opportunity for you to generate some serious money from your low traffic blog.

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