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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Most Profitable Work At Home Business Opportunity Blog Marketing Ideas

Before we look at other profitable work at home business opportunity blog marketing ideas, it is important to stress the fact that ensuring that all your blog posts are keyword rich is the most powerful marketing tool at the disposal of any blogger or work at home entrepreneur.

It will not only give you lost of direct traffic but it will also dramatically improve your SEO ranking with leading search engines which should get you loads of traffic through search engines. Everybody knows that the more traffic, the more profitable your work at home business opportunity blog will be.

There is one extremely powerful blog marketing tool that is fairly new and has yet to be fully understood by most people. This is the link-baiting article. What you have to understand is that the more controversial your article, the more effective it will be as link-bait. Link bait means just that, a bait that will tempt folks to link to your post or article in your profitable work at home business opportunity blog.

Agreeing with everybody and being nice and proper will just not cut it. You will need to provoke comment and debate. Actually you will notice that the vast majority of successful link baiting articles have lots of comments. So a good way to write a link baiting article is to aim at provoking lots of comment.

The rewards of a good link baiting article are enormous and important for a profitable work at home business opportunity blog. I have seen a brief link baiting post pick up hundreds of links within a few short hours. Yes, I said hundreds. Amazing when you think of all the hours, blood and sweat that many webmasters put in to win half a dozen decent one way links in a month.

That's the reason why I said at the beginning that this is an extremely powerful marketing tool for your profitable work at home business opportunity blog.

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