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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Low Capital Work At Home Business Opportunity: The Blog Idea Matters Like Crazy

For your free blog low capital or no capital work at home business opportunity to work, there is one very important thing that matters like crazy. It is so important that you can afford to get everything else wrong and shill succeed if this one aspect is bang on target.

We are of course talking about the idea. Ideally when you have limited or no funds to invest in your low capital work at home business opportunity, then what you are looking for is an idea that is extremely powerful. So powerful that it will lift you out of the dust to the stars where you will sit and dine with Kings and princes.

Admittedly this is no easy feat, but it is quite achievable. One man used a post card art exhibition to launch a simple free blog where he displayed the best home made post card art he received through the mail every week. And without the benefit of Adsense or any other affiliate program, which he deliberately shunned, this blogger has now made millions of dollars. Most of it has come from producing print versions of the best selection of posters from his blog but more significant is that his blog has received millions of hits.

Getting a good idea is not enough. You need a brilliant idea to launch a low capital work at home business opportunity that will be virtually an overnight success story.

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